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Written by Cyndie Lane   
Thursday, 27 September 2018 17:54
B.C Sno-Rider Members
Greetings to our members. Greetings to all of you who have an interest in snowmobiling. Despite the warm weather so far this late summer and early fall, the club is hard at work getting ready for the season.
There is a lot to report as it has been a busy off-season. Our elected officers have remained the same. Dennis Zevotek (President) Ron Knox (Vice - President) Cindy Cornell (Secretary) Cyndie Lane (Treasurer / Membership Admin) Bryan LaClair (Trail Coordinator) & Rich Cornell (Grooming Equipment Mgr). Thanks to all our officers for all their hard work. If anyone thinks being a snowmobile club officer is easy. Try it. 
Dennis has set an aggressive agenda for the club this year. He his committed to providing the best trail riding for us. To do this, we have done a lot of work and repairs to our equipment. We have good groomer operators and continue to look for potential additional operators. We have started improving trails that need work. A bad snow year the past few seasons has one good outcome, it reveals trail problems.
First, our grooming equipment has remained the same, but we have done a lot of work and repairs to make them more dependable. Also we purchased a new ranger in the spring from SSR Powersports. This will allow us to  get our trails ready. (signage, clearing trees, etc)
Unfortunately, all this equipment does not run without an operator. We are pleased that we have developed an excellent grooming crew over the past few years. We expect all these folks will be back and eager to meet grooming and trail quality goals. It takes a special type of person to run this equipment effectively in the dark and cold winter nights. These folks do this night after night for the entire winter season. We are fortunate to have the crew we have. Thanks to each of them who volunteers many hours grooming for us.
Our plans for trail improvement is on track as the leaves begin to fall. One of the most difficult tasks is keeping trail width. Brush growth /  downed trees even in this area is a major problem. Controlling it all by hand is slow and the number of people willing to do this work is very limited. With the new Ranger, we anticipate we will be able to accomplish much more work and achieve our goal of recovering trail width. 
Another reminder. Please get your membership renewals sent back in. If you wish to join B.C Sno-Riders,Please find the application in the Main Menu - Membership Application tab. Also, our meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday at the Hitchin Post 1474 NY-7, Port Crane, NY. Next on October 9th at 7pm. (applications and vouchers available at every meeting)  


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